Monday, March 31, 2014

Call free International app

Hello friends, Hope you are all well. This is the best find you can ever have. Trust me, I myself tried it over 1 week and thought it is the time to share with you. No boundary of calling, call anywhere in the world for free even if you have a contact number in the moon, it will connect.

Last time we had the access number from UK which only allowed 7 minutes and 60+ countries. But with this app, you can go as long as you want. On top it will provide you a virtual mobile number. Never used it myself as it could be charged for caller. But it is handy if you want to sign up for the different device.

This app is available in IOS (iphones, ipads and even ipods) , Android and even Windows.

Known as Text Me.   Download from your appropriate market or store and get going.

Features are like

  • Free personal phone number and voice mail facility
  • You can send pictures and videos for free
  • Group chat and video conference also available
Well to be honest I have only gone as far as text and voice call so not so sure about other services.

You can call free India, call free Bangladesh, Call free Pakistan, Call free Africa and any other destination available in this world.

It gives you free credit every time you download an app. App Like william hill casino can give you 42 credits. Calling Australia mobile through this app cost 6 credit per minute. Easy 7 minute talking for nothing. Keep downloading app and also keep watching videos to accumulate credits. Calling India is even cheaper. 1 credit per minute, so one app download can give you plenty of minutes to carry on.

Plenty of apps option for Iphone but not sure about Android as didn't see that many apps. If you play with it long enough, you will figure out unlimited calling card ( LOL thats a secret). 

Hope you like it. Enjoy.

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