Monday, May 2, 2016

Get a permanent Bangladeshi Landline number with cheap rates from anywhere in the World

Hi all,

Well if you are looking to have the advancement of technology then i have something for you. I have come across a new innovative company basically giving you the opportunity to use a Bangladeshi land phone number wherever you are through internet on your ordinary smart phone.

You can call anyone in bangladesh as a local call and can also receive a call on a same method. Rates are lot cheaper than calling cards and most importantly it is fixed land line number for life. Obviously it will cost but do not panic. It is one off admin cost of 5 pounds UK sterling and then whatever you use. Call rates are 1.1p so very cheap. You can use it anywhere you go as long as you have internet. think about holiday abroad, no worries as long as you have wifi connection you can use it as a normal phone through the app and also receive calls.

As it is on limited scope at the moment, i have managed to persuade 10 connection for people like me. If you are interested then please drop me a message and i will get back to you.

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