Saturday, July 19, 2014

Everyone Say Dingaling Free call to India,UK,USA,China,Singapore,France and Canada

Now these days calling Intentional destination is easy. Imagine calling these destination 15 years ago? You might have to pay your one day wages to pay for them. Time has changed and calling those places got cheaper.

Enough chit chat let get to the point. Dingaling is a Canadian company like any others. It allows you to call India,UK,USA,China,Singapore,France and Canada for free with limited time restriction for each call.

It is like downloading another app for a trial. So nothing to loose folks. Give it a go and find out how it feels like. It suppose to be HD voice quality. It also work as a messenger for users. Some call restrictions are like 10 min to India or 30 min a call to Canada. I think that is more than enough to have a social call.

Hope you like it. Make sure you share our blog so everyone can benefit. 

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