Monday, December 8, 2014

Reminder of Free call USA and CANADA

Lots of people keep asking about a permanent solution for calling USA and CANADA for Free. As I previously mentioned many times the best Options are already free. Doesn't matter wherever you are you will be able to call for free as long as you have internet.

1. Google Hangout: It has always been there and with time their app is improving. So if haven't started using it yet it time for you to have a go and have an arsenal of free communication.

2. Text Me: Previously known as text me and I have posted before about it. Now they have changed their name to Free Tone. So if you already have it then for your information you can call to USA and Canada for Free from Free Tone app. Also their usual way of earning credits to make international call is valid.

There are also various ways of calling USA and Canada. Try these two, if not satisfied please do comeback and ask , I will be happy to give you more options.

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